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Why hire a proposal planner?

I just need to get down on one knee, right? Wrong!

Just like your wedding day, the day you get engaged will be one you remember forever. Your fiancé-to-be will want a proposal story they can tell time and time again, and planning this type of moment on your own can be daunting to say the least… So, how can we help?

The Cotswold Proposal Planners Team

1. We are expert secret keepers.

It can be hard to know who to trust to keep your proposal plans under wraps. Rest assured, secret keeping is our specialty at The Cotswold Proposal Planners! We will always be as discreet as possible, using inconspicuous subject titles when emailing you (should you request) and calling at your preferred time of day where possible. On the big day, we will blend in with the venue’s staff or guests and all you’ll need to do is keep your cool to prevent your partner from growing suspicious!

2. We save you valuable time and effort.

We know all too well that scrolling for inspiration on Pinterest can easily consume hours, days and even weeks! We also know that many of our clients have extremely busy lives… so let us save you this time and effort. With years of experience, our team can spare you the endless scouring on the internet by pulling together a plan for your proposal in mere minutes, all without overlooking a single detail.

3. We work with an extensive network of venues and suppliers.

If you’re planning to propose in the Cotswolds, no one knows the huge array of venues and suppliers better than we do. We have brilliant relationships with our partners, who all offer us their most affordable rates, and you can be certain that we only work with the very best in industry. From photographers and videographers, to live musicians and even pyrotechnicians, we source and liaise with every supplier on your behalf.

4. We have an immense collection of in-house décor.

Whatever your vision, we have the kit to bring it to life! We are constantly expanding our offering to keep up with the latest industry trends and, on the rare occasions where a client wants something we don’t already have, we can order in bespoke items. Not only do we have a huge amount of décor – we also pride ourselves on having the skills and creativity to piece every component together for a stunning and seamless set up.

5. We love what we do.

Most importantly, you can trust that we care about your proposal just as much as you do. We are infinitely passionate about creating memories for our clients that will last a lifetime and delight in seeing each couple depart their venue giddy and newly engaged. It is truly an honour to have been involved with so many couples’ engagements and we can’t wait to be a part of many more.

Still need convincing? Well, we also have a 100% yes rate! Enquire today to find out more about how we can help you turn the “Yes!” you’ve been dreaming of into reality.


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