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We can heart-ly wait to be launching our latest set design!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This brand new set design has stolen our hearts here at The Cotswold Proposal Planners – and we think it will steal your partners’ too!

To fulfil our client’s proposal vision, the team worked tirelessly to create the stunning floral heart display featured in Nana and Jada’s proposal story. We can’t wait for this versatile new piece of kit to be centre stage at many more romantic occasions and are here to share why we think it is an irresistible addition to any proposal…

Our brand new floral heart frame set design!

1. It is suited to a vast array of venues.

There’s no doubt that our heart frame is perfect for making a grand romantic gesture, adding the extra “WOW” factor to lavish locations. Equally, though, the heart frame can be used to elevate more serene settings without detracting from their natural beauty – Nana and Jada’s enchanting lakeside proposal is a perfect example of this! Whether your Cotswolds location of choice is a lush green woodland or magnificent manor house, our heart frame makes for the ultimate picture-perfect proposal.

2. It can be customised to meet your vision.

Whilst Nana and Jada’s proposal showcases the heart frame in a classic white rose theme, you can pick what flowers or foliage you would like to suit your proposal best! Choose from white, pink or red flowers* (or a combination!) as well as which of our signs you would like hung from the heart. We can even order a custom neon or acrylic sign if you wish!

*Other colours and foliage also available on request.

3. Its use is included within our proposal planning fee!

If you weren’t already sold on this beautiful piece of kit, the heart frame is also a part of our permanent collection of in-house décor – meaning you can opt for this set-up for no additional cost when you book a proposal with us! You can even mix and match the heart frame with staples from our other set designs, such as an elegant red carpet or a cosy picnic table. The possibilities really are endless!

If our heart frame is the Instagram-worthy backdrop you’ve been waiting for, contact a member of The Cotswold Proposal Planners team to start planning your proposal today!

Update: Myles decided this set design was the key to Nandita’s heart. Inspired by her love of elephants and sunflowers, see their Sezincote proposal story here.


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